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2013 in Recap

What’s a success or a mistake, if you don’t learn from it? Experience is the greatest teacher, and truth be told, a lot can happen in 365 days. To borrow the Priest’s words from yesterday’s New Year Eve’s mass :

When you look back at 2013, look not at the frowns and tears, but the smiles and laughters

Positive thoughts and memories is a great cure to any illness, I heard. Here’s my 2013 in recap :


NOT my desk at BCA – I was simply just taking over one of the empty desks 😛 

January : I was in the middle of my one – month internship in BCA, the largest private bank in Indonesia. I remembered waking up very early in the morning everyday, going to the office with my father at the morning, spending what seemed to be endless days in the office, and then back home with m y dad again. It was the first time that I feel what it’s like to work in the heart of Jakarta, the traffic, the people, the lifestyle. I also went to HK to do my Global Business interview, and MADE it! Felt like I was on top of the world. Met my boyfriend for a few days in HK; they were the best days of the month.

February:  Going back to school as a Global Business major. I remembered welcomed by 40 new friends in the class. And boy that Global Business Case Analysis class was really some class. I was very excited to start school!

March : Projects started, classes getting deeper with mid-terms kicking in. But we were promised a great payback afterwards with Spring break looming…


That week in Taiwan was lovely and unforgettable

April : And yes, what a great spring break it was! Went to Taipei, Taiwan with my boyfriend and a few friends. It was an amazing 4 days getaway. Taiwan was filled with great people, great food, and great things to see. Oh, and one of my biggest goal came true : the Business Cohort Community that I captained eventually was crowned the champion of cohorts! That was a big personal ambition of mine, and what a relief to achieve just that. 

May : Things started to fall apart – a few student in the GBUS class were disagreeing when it comes to having a non-gbus student in class. I was sad as it was about someone that I cared about and I remember I just wished it would die off soon. But May was always a great month as it marked the end of yet another semester!


Showing my boyfriend around the mystique yet beautiful Borobudur temple, Yogyakarta

June : This was an exciting month! Coco went with me to Jakarta and meet my family. It was nervewracking- I had no idea how my parents are gonna react and treat Coco, but it all went well. They were very welcoming and took that opportunity to bring the whole family on a vacation trip alongside Coco. Me and Coco also went on a trip to Semarang and Yogyakarta!


An unforgettable Summer in Shanghai

July : After spending 2 weeks apart from Coco, we were reunited, this time in Shanghai! Woot woot. We spent the next 1 month together, learning Chinese at Fudan University. Apart from meeting some really great people, the biggest takeaway from Shanghai was not my improved Chinese, but this amazing partner at a consulting company who became our friend, and my inspiration. We had some really good memories in Shanghai, a month that I will not forget.

August : Spent the last 1 month of my summer holiday chilling with my family and friends. Caught up with old friends, roamed the malls in Jakarta as usual, finished off a great book (Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell). Cut my hair short! 

September : It’s back to school time! Came back early to see my boyfriend Coco and boy did we miss each other a lot. Excited to see the new exchange students and went hiking with them.


October: The fun kicked in when you know people pretty well to start having fun with them. The highlight of this month was I guess kayaking with the exchange students and Ellery. The month was filled with numerous deadlines for Summer Internship. I remembered having my fair share of confusion, discouragement when I still didn’t know where I want to apply for my summer internship.


Delivered the most presentations I have in one semester

November : Everything went by so fast that we entered the last month of study. It was also the month of hell – deadlines all came endlessly, especially for a student with a lot of projects and no final exams like me. Did I manage it alright? Well, let’s say I could have managed my time so much better. Oh, Coco and I hit our 1st anniversary!


Attended the TEDxHongKong seminar with my darling

December : Busy with my visa application for my exchange program, but luckily I was done with school already! Time to relax a bit, while doing other projects as well : A Lowe’s Journal project kicked off and I received my first interview invitation for the internship! Spent the rest of my days with Coco and a few close friends, then off to Jakarta to see my fam and friends again. Died my hair outrageously, spent the NYE at a friend’s house.

That’s it folks! Phew. I skipped a huge part through out the year; so many things happened and boy did they go by real fast! My overall feeling about 2013 is that I think I’ve grown more mature, intellectually, spiritually. I become increasingly sure about myself and is now in a state where I don’t necessarily care about what others think about me. This year, I’ve met some amazing and accomplished people along the way that I really admired, and  I think they happened for a reason. They are meant to encourage me to work harder and achieve greater things. I’m very thankful with all the amazing moments, opportunities, friends, people.

Bring on 2014!